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Fung’s First Letter to KLM,  Attachment 1:KLM Boarding Pass 17 February 2007

KLM's Reply7 March 2007

Fung’s Second Letter to KLM, Attachment 2: other Boarding Passes, 28 November 2007
Cover letter to:
Airport Authority Hong Kong; Permanent Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development (Commerce, Industry and Tourism), Commerce and Economic Development Bureau of the Hong Kong SAR; Commissioner for Tourism, the Tourism Commission, Hong Kong SAR; The Hong Kong Tourism Board; The Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong.
Cover letter to:
Hong Kong Consumer Council
Cover letter to:
8 members of Legislative Council
Cover letter to:
European Regions Airline Association;  Association of European Airlines


Fung's 48-hours Hunger Strike protesting the enactment of Article 23 of Basic Law  12 December 2002

Thou shall not kill  by FUNG Chi Wood, writing just before the possible war, 20 March 2003 HKT 03:00 (six hours before the end of the 48 hours referendum)

2003, the beginning of World War III? by FUNG Chi Wood  2003.1.1

The Joy and Necessity of Meeting People of Other Faiths  by Rev. Fung Chi-wood, Nov. 2002

Reflection on the consecration of American Bishops in Singapore by Fung Chi Wood,  2000/3/14




Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements in China

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The first black archbishop in the Church of England, Dr John Sentamu, has told the Guardian he would have no difficulty ordaining women bishops and has condemned the language used by some in the Anglican communion about gay men and lesbians. The Ugandan-born Dr Sentamu, 56, who was formerly Bishop of Birmingham, was confirmed in his appointment as Archbishop of York, the second most senior post in the hierarchy of the Church of England, in a ceremony laden with medieval formularies and legal jargon before his fellow bishops at the City of London church of St Mary-Le-Bow last night.  Thursday October 6, 2005 The Guardian

3/4/2004  Death threats against Albert Cheng King-hon  Reporters Without Borders