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28 November 2007


Dear Sir/Madam,


I sent a complaint letter to KLM but the reply was far from satisfactory. Then I wrote again to wish for much better answer.


I hereby sent the relevant documents to you.


I pledge you to look into my case and reply to me soon. Thank you very much.


Here is the summary of my case:


1.          I and my wife came to the boarding gate of KLM on 26 December 2006 at 1058 hours, 12 minutes before the scheduled departure time. But the gate was closed and I and my wife were refused boarding. We missed the flight, although we arrived before departure time, and we did not receive warning that the gate would be closed before departure time.

2.          The KLM staff and HIAS staff was very impolite and unhelpful to us, at our request to re-opening the gate, and to help us to catch another flight. The KLM did not have enough and appropriate staff to assist us in this situation.

3.          We did not get any free of charge offer by KLM, but instead were asked to buy another costly tickets in order to proceed our journey. Thereby we lost our time and money, and endured much longer traveling in the air since we had to take extra flights.

4.          I request your investigation in my case. Please help KLM to answer my 48 questions listed in my second letter.


Thanks a lot for your kind attention.


With best wishes!


Yours truly, 



FUNG Chi Wood



My first letter to KLM

KLMˇ¦s reply

My second letter to KLM


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