of XXX Children And Youth Centre

second letter, 26 May 2000

Advisors, Directors, and Executive Committee Members
XXX Children And Youth Centre

Rev. XXX (sent by mail)
Dr. XXX (fax XXX)
Mr. XXX (fax XXX)
Mr. XXX (fax XXX)
Ms. XXX ( fax XXX)
Mr. XXX (fax XXX)
Mr. XXX (fax XXX)
Ms XXX (fax XXX)
Mr. XXX (fax XXX)
Miss XXX (fax XXX)
Mr. XXX (sent by mail)
Madam XXX (fax XXX)
Rev. XXX (fax XXX)
Mr. XXX (sent by mail)
Mr. XXX (fax XXX)

c.c. Director of Social Welfare (fax 28380114)

faxed out on 26 May 2000

Dear Sirs and Madams,

After your Executive Meeting of your Centre being held on 24 May 2000 evening, my letter sent out in the morning on that day has not been responded.

On the evening of 24 May 2000 Miss XXX, accompanied by me, despite not being invited, arrived at your Centre at 7:10 p.m. during your Executive Committee Meeting hours. Through Mr. XXX by phone calls, I requested that, copies of Miss X written statement concerning her defense of her summary dismissal to be delivered by hand in person to your Members present, to be seen within eyesight making sure it was intact and not copied, and to be returned at once. This arrangement was not accepted by you. Miss X refused to leave her statement behind as suggested by your Committee. Miss X and I waited until 8:00 p.m. and left.

Thru Mr Ng, I heard that your Executive Committee will hold the next meeting in the morning of 27 May 2000. Please notify me if you wish to read Miss X's statement. The arrangement will be the same as suggested by me before. Miss X will not speak anything at your Meeting without my presence. After 27 May 2000, I am not sure whether we can let you to read Miss X's statement, as we will possibly start legal proceedings.

Mr. X made a report to the police about Miss X in the afternoon on 27 May 2000. May I ask what was the content of his report and what did the police response?

At about 7:30 p.m. on 27 May 2000 Miss X was not permitted by your staff to take back her properties left in your Centre. Why? I am surprised.

I would be most grateful if you could give me the following materials/information/ documents:

1. Most up-dated list of your Centre's Advisors, Directors, and Members of the Executive Committee, Members of the Standing Committee (常務委員會), and Members of other Committees if there are any;
2. Your Centre's Constitution, and any other rules such as standing orders etc., concerning the roles of various posts and Committees, meeting procedures, quorum, decisions and resolutions etc.;
3. Staff manual, and any guidelines concerning the staff's performance and conducts etc. of your Centre;
4. Yearly Reports and Financial Reports of your Centre of last two years.

Please let me to obtain these materials within one week, many thanks.

May I have your response to my first letter and this one, please?

Best wishes.

Yours sincerely,

FUNG Chi Wood
Pager: 72295543
Fax:    81056733