Director of Social Welfare
Social Welfare Department
Wu Chung House, 8/F,
213 Queen's Road East, Wai Chai,
Hong Kong
(sent by fax: 2838 0114)
24 May 2000

Dear Sir,

May I bring to your attention that Mr. XXX , working in XXX as part-time Supervisor since 1994 until now, is now also working as probably a full-time staff in the XXX. It seems that this is not a normal practice as he is having two jobs at the same time and this requires him more time and energy than a regular person can afford.

This was reported to the XXX yesterday.

And, Miss XXX was working in the above-mentioned Centre as acting Officer-in-Charge since January 1999, but she got her degree only after the summer on that year. May I ask whether this special arrangement was noted and approved by your Department.

I think your Department may like to look into these two cases and see that no public money is mis-used as this Centre is funded by your Department.

I have sent a letter to the Management Committee of this Centre today, together with the written report of Ms. XXX, these are enclosed for your kind attention. I hope your Department could do something to help to rectify the irregularities happen in the Centre as mentioned in my letter.

Please feel free to contact me if I can be helpful.

Thank you for your attention.

Yours sincerely,

FUNG Chi Wood
Pager: 72295543
Fax:    81056733

cc.  Advisors and Members of the Management Committee XXX

My letter to Advisors and Members of the Management Committee XXX
Miss XXX's account of Mr XXX and Miss XXX (written in Chinese)