2003, the beginning of World War III?

a reflection by FUNG Chi Wood

on the first day of 2003

The American war against Iraq is deeply sinful and profoundly evil.

It is an invasion into other's soil, rob other's property.

It is killing, not just a few lives, but a mass destruction of human lives and homeland.

It makes killings and robbings lawful and therefore the killers will not bear any responsibilities and face any trials.

It arises from hatred, revenge, evil thoughts, greediness...

This war will be the first military wholesome invasion of a country after the World War II, to overthrow the existing government and to establish a regime under control.

It will trigger off more and more military offences, wars... killings and killings...

It will spread more and more hatred, revenge, mistrust, greediness...

It will pave the way for World War III, because invasion is justified and unchecked.

Don't forget World War II was initiated by supper military powers at that time.

And we have the invincible supper power at present, and also invasion.

When peoples believe in military weapons, then war is the only option and solution.

Wars and killings will not just take place in Iraq, they will also take place at America's very home country at the same time, don't be so silly to think war is not fought in one's soil and therefore it is safe. No one is safe in war, war means killings!

When America starts the war, all Americans go into the war, and the future wars, both explicit and hidden, and terrorism finds its nourishment.

Don't be so silly to think war will stop at one's control. War is not controllable, war will not stop at one's wish, war is like cancer, it spreads out, it will generate more and more wars and killings.

2003 Iraq, 2004 North Korea, 2005 Iran, 2006... never ending wars!

War is not just killing, not just destruction of cities, it brings homeless, hunger, poverty, diseases, and pains and sorrows from lost of relatives and friends ... War is hell!

War will give chance to use nuclear bombs, weapons that can destroy millions of human lives and civilizations, and even entire human race! War is hell! Why war?

No war, for God's sake, no war!

Americans, don't start the war! You could do it. You don't need it, you don't love it. Just stop it. Give peace a chance!