(English tranlation) 

Letter to the Chief Executive of Hong Kong SAR

16 February 2001

Dear Chief Executive Mr. Tung,

 Safeguard Freedom of Association, Speech etc.

We are very much concerned about the recent opposition by the Hong Kong SAR government towards Falun Gong, which was even considered by the government as ¡§evil cult¡¨.

Until now, the SAR government has failed to discover any illegal acts done by the Falun Gong followers, and also has not given any evidence to substantiate her judgement that Falun Gong is ¡§evil¡¨. The government¡¦s comments on Falun Gong were unreasonable and unjust, and has infringed Hong Kong¡¦s freedom of association, speech, assemble, religion etc.

 We request the SAR government:

1.      Stop opposing Falun Gong;

2.      Respect and safeguard the freedom of association, speech, assemble, religion etc. that Hong Kong citizens have been enjoying.

30 organizations co-signing:

(Names bracketed are only translations, may differ from official English names.)

Social Democratic Forum


Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Movements in China

¡§Office of Chan Kwok Leung¡¨

¡§Office of Tsang Kin Sing¡¨

¡§Office of DB Member Fan Kwok Wai¡¨

Association for the Advancement of Feminism

Zi Teng

Rainbow of Hong Kong

Hong Kong Chinese University Students Union

Christian Industrial Committee

Church Workers Association

Peace and Justice Commission (Catholic)

Hong Kong Federation of Catholic Students

Hong Kong Students Christian Movement

Hong Kong Chinese University Chung Chi Fellowship


Christian for Hong Kong Society

Rainbow Fellowship

Hong Kong Voice of Democracy

April Fifth Action

¡§Anti-Unemployment Anti-Poverty Coalition¡¨

Rainbow Action

¡§Democracy University¡¨

People¡¦s Constitutional Society

¡§China Hong Kong Democracy Promotion Society¡¨

Choi Shek Residents Service Centre

¡§China Youths Service Centre¡¨


New Clothes Tribune

contact person: FUNG Chi Wood
tel: 93239693