Stop killings! Save lives! Seek peace!

We, people of Hong Kong, treasure peace very much, wish peace in every parts of the world, thereby at 1 p.m. on 7 January 2009, gather in front of the Consulate General of Israel in Hong Kong,

l         Strongly condemn the Israeli continuous military attack and invasion on Gaza, killing more than six hundred innocent people and wounding thousands.

l         Urge the immediate cease fire of both side, hence stop killing precious human lives and ending destructions without delay.

l         Remind all peoples of our earth, especially the killers, including those giving orders to kill or using weapons to kill, that killing human beings is a very serious and difficult to be forgiven crime against humanity, is sin against God the Creator of human beings. Killers will face severe punishments in various forms and will bear the consequence of their great sins.

l         Invite the solidarity and cooperation of all peoples, not only stop killings, but try our best to save lives, thereby to prevent others to kill, and to seek peace, to care and support each others, locally, and internationally!

l         Ask all countries, all political parties and leaders, to respect and follow the resolutions and suggestions of the United Nations, and to seek lasting peace in the Middle East, and all parts of our world.


Committee For Peace Not War, Hong Kong



停止殺戮  拯救生命  尋求和平!


l         強烈譴責以色列持續軍事攻擊及入侵加沙,已殺死愈六百無辜平民,數千人受傷。

l         呼籲雙方立即停火,即時停止殺害寶貴生命,停止破壞,不要延遲。

l         提醒世上各地人民,特別是殺人兇手,包括發施命令者或以武器去殺人者,殺人是極度嚴重和難以寬恕之侵犯人類的罪行,是違背創造人類之主宰的罪惡。殺人者將受到不同形式之重大懲罰,將要為所犯之嚴重罪行承擔後果。

l         邀請各地人民團結和合作,在本地及國際間,不單停止殺人,也要盡力拯救生命,故應制止他人殺戮,尋求和平,彼此關心和支援。

l         請求各國、各政團及領袖,專重和遵守聯合國決議和建議,尋求中東及世界各地永久和平。


反戰爭求和平委員會 (