Fung Chi Wood

Basic Infomation

Full-time priest of Diocese of Western KowloonHong Kong Sheng Kung Hui (the Hong Kong Anglican Church)
Present post : Associate Priest at St. Thomas’ Church (since Jan. 2019)Former directly-elected Legislative Councillor, Hong Kong (1991-95)
Married, with two sons.

  • 1956  Born in Hong Kong, baptized at Holy Trinity Church, Diocese of Hong Kong & Macau (Anglican); confirmed in 1973.
  • 1979  Bachelor of Science, University of Hong Kong
  • 1982  Master of Divinity, Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • 1982  Ordained deacon, Diocese of Hong Kong & Macao (the Anglican Church in Hong Kong)
  • 1983  Ordained priest, Diocese of Hong Kong & Macao (the Anglican Church in Hong Kong)
  • 1981-87  Founding member & Executive Member, Student Christian Movement of Hong Kong (2005 -now  Chaplain)
  • 1981-84  Member of Youth Committee, Christian Conference of Asia.
  • 1984-87  Member of Commission on Public Policy, Hong Kong Christian Council
  • 1986  Convener, Joint Conference For The Shelving Of The Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant (comprises of 116 NGO’s, leads a large social movement in Hong Kong that collected 1.04 million signatures asking for the shelving of the Daya Bay Nuclear Plant in China, the Plant is just 50 km from Hong Kong.)
  • 1986-92  Executive Committee Member, The Conservancy Association (an environmental group in Hong Kong)
  • 1987-90  Member of Secretariat, Joint Committee On The Promotion Of Democratic Government
  • 1988 – 2001  Founding Member & Executive Committee Member (1996-98 as Chairman, 1998-now as Vice Chairman), Church Workers Association (ceased operation in 2001)
  • 1988-91  Member of District Board, directly elected
  • 1988 Dec.  Hunger strike for 50 hours asking for a more democratic government, this triggered off a historical marathon hunger strike lasting for one month.
  • 1990-94  Founding Member & Central Committee Member, United Democrats of Hong Kong
  • 1991-95  Member of Regional Council, directly elected
  • 1991-95  Member of Legislative Council, directly elected
  • 1989 – now  Member (91-94 Executive Committee Member), Hong Kong Alliance In Support Of Patriotic Democratic Movement Of China
  • 1994 – 99  Founding Member (Central Committee Member 1994-96), The Democratic Party (at present, friend of Democratic Party)
  • 1995 – 99  member, The Frontier (2001-02 friend of The Frontier, 2002-04 member, 2005-now Friend of Frontier)
  • July  2002 – Jan.2004  Executive Committee Member, The Frontier
  • 1997 – now  Board Member, Hong Kong Voice of Democracy (ceased operation from 2003)
  • 1998 – 2000  Founding Member, Democracy 2000 (ceased operation in 2000)Sept. 2000 – 02  established Mount Olives ( weekly public meetings on Christian faith and society, ceased operation in 2002)
  • Jan. 2001   Convener, Social Democratic Forum (ceased operation in April 2002)July 2003 – 04   member, Anti-Tung Solidarity (ceased operation in 2004)
  • Sept. 2001 – 04  Convener, Committee For Peace Not War (ceased operation in 2004)June 2002 – now   Executive Committee Member, Power For Democracy
  • June 2004 – now  Board Member, People’s Radio Hong Kong

About me

I am Fung Chi Wood, a pastor, activist and politician dedicated to advocating for social justice and democratic principles in Hong Kong. My journey in activism began in my youth, fueled by the challenges and inequalities I witnessed in my community. This early exposure ignited my passion for making a difference, leading me to pursue higher education in political science and public administration.

Throughout my career, I have served as a legislative council member, where I championed causes close to my heart, including labor rights, education reform, and environmental protection. My work in the legislature has always been guided by a deep commitment to improving the lives of my constituents and fostering a more just and equitable society.

In addition to my legislative efforts, I am actively involved in grassroots movements and civil society organizations. I firmly believe in the power of community engagement and the importance of building a participatory democracy where every voice is heard and respected. My involvement in these movements has brought critical issues to the forefront and inspired many to join the cause for justice and equality.

My philosophy is grounded in the belief that true progress comes from dialogue, persistence, and unwavering ethical standards. I am proud of the work I have done and the impact it has had, but I am equally inspired by the new generation of activists who continue to push for change.

As I look to the future, my commitment to advocacy remains as strong as ever. I am dedicated to continuing the fight for human rights, political freedom, and the rule of law in Hong Kong, and I remain hopeful that together, we can create a better, more equitable world for all.