Welcome to FungChiWood.com, a platform dedicated to exploring Anglicanism, democracy in Hong Kong, and the intersections between faith and governance. Originally founded by the prominent democracy activist Fung Chi Wood, our website has transitioned from a Chinese-language resource to an English-language platform to reach a broader international audience.

Our Founder

Fung Chi Wood is a respected figure in the fight for democracy and human rights in Hong Kong. With a deep commitment to both his faith and democratic principles, he has inspired many through his advocacy and leadership. FungChiWood.com reflects his dedication to these causes, providing a space for thoughtful discussion and education on important issues.

Our Transition

FungChiWood.com initially served Chinese-speaking audiences interested in democracy and Anglicanism. Recognizing the need to connect with a more diverse, global audience, we have transformed our website into an English-language platform. This transition allows us to share valuable insights and foster meaningful conversations with people worldwide.

Our Focus


Our content on Anglicanism delves into the rich history, theology, and practices of the Anglican faith. We explore the role of the church in contemporary society, the significance of its traditions, and its impact on personal and community life. Whether you are a lifelong Anglican or new to the faith, our articles provide valuable perspectives and deepen your understanding of Anglicanism.

Democracy in Hong Kong

The ongoing struggle for democracy in Hong Kong is a central theme of our website. We offer in-depth analysis of the region’s political developments, the efforts of pro-democracy activists, and the broader implications for global democratic movements. Our goal is to provide a nuanced understanding of the challenges and triumphs in Hong Kong’s quest for democratic governance and human rights.

Join the Conversation

At FungChiWood.com, we believe in the power of informed dialogue and active participation. We invite you to join our community, share your perspectives, and engage in discussions on faith and democracy. Together, we can contribute to a more just, informed, and faithful world.

Thank you for visiting FungChiWood.com. We look forward to your participation and insights as we explore these vital topics together.